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Conceptual overview

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  • Course Guide (Course overview and assessment)
  • Learning Management System for formally enrolled participants (Moodle)
  • Discussion forums for formally enrolled participants (on Moodle)


Course schedule

Start here

then for more information review the Course guide.

Introduction to course
Module 1 Welcome and introduction Moodle
Unit 1: Digital Citizenship
Module 2 What is digital citizenship? Moodle
E-Activity 1.1
Module 3 Digital skills relevant to my role Moodle
E-Activity 1.2
Module 4 Personal learning plan Moodle
E-Activity 1.3 Portfolio Assessment Unit 1
Unit 2: Reflective Practice
Module 5 Reflective practice in teaching Moodle
E-Activity 2.1
Module 6 How can I use this? Moodle
E-Activity 2.2 Portfolio Assessment Unit 2
Unit 3: Biculturalism
Module 7 What does cultural competence mean? Moodle
E-Activity 3.1
Module 8 The New Zealand context Moodle
E-Activity 3.2
Module 9 Applying Te Reo and Tikaka in practice Moodle
E-Activity 3.3 Portfolio Assessment Unit 3
Unit 4: Professionalism and Work Context
Module 10 The dual professional Moodle
E-Activity 4.1
Module 11 Understanding your organisation Moodle
E-Activity 4.2
Module 12 Influences on practice Moodle
E-Activity 4.3 Portfolio Assessment Unit 4