What is digital citizenship?

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This unit helps you to explore, identify and demonstrate a range of digital literacy skills that are necessary to your own work context.

The unit is split into 3 modules –the first of these 3 modules is an introduction to the concepts of digital citizenship and digital literacy. These are both huge subject areas so the purpose of this module is simply to help you identify the key concepts of these knowledge areas and their relevance to your own work; not explore them in depth.

The second module in this unit will help you review the digital skills relevant to your work context and the 3rd module will encourage you to plan future professional development to increase and enhance your digital literacy skills.

Record your learning as you go in whatever format works best for you such as a learning journal.

The questions and reflections are only a guide to your learning you do not have to formally answer each question.

You get to choose what is most relevant to your own learning.

The summary section at the end of each module guides you towards work that you will submit for assessment.

To work through this module click on each of the tabs in the title bar and work through the pages in order.

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On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • define and identify key concepts of both digital citizenship and digital literacy.

This provides contextual background to prepare you to tell your practice story in which you will identify and demonstrate a range of digital literacy skills necessary within your own practice context by the end of the final module.