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In this final module of your first Unit you have identified digital literacy skills that you would like to develop further. Earlier in this Unit in Module 3 you identified a range of digital tools and activities you use within your own work context as well as considering your confidence/competence in relation to digital literacy skills.


Prepare a digital presentation on your eportfolio to demonstrate a range of digital literacy skills that you either use or plan to use within your practice context. You might like to partner with someone to do this.

Your presentation can include:

  • examples of different tools you have tried, and your evaluation of their usefulness in your teaching.
  • an outline of the skills you want to develop further, and how you plan to do this.
  • summaries and references to literature you have read.

Suggestions for tools that you could use to prepare a digital presentation:

  • Prezy - presentation software.
  • Google slides - great for collaborative presentations.
  • Use Powerpoint to create slides and upload to Slideshare.
  • Create a video and upload to Youtube. You could do this using the camera on your cellphone.
Video apps include: Instagram and Webcamera.
  • Animoto is a web-based platform that you can use to put images and music together into a video format.
  • You could also record an Adobe Connect session.
  • Create an audio recording.
Use your voice recorder on your phone.
Audacity - audio editing and recording.