e-Learning activity - Reflection: Exploring what works for me.

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E-learning Activity Reference number: 2.2

e-Learning activity summary

Title: Reflection: Exploring what works for me.
3 - 4 hours
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This activity will help you understand more about the topic.

Start here

Stimulus:Reflection in Learning - What does reflection mean to you? (Video on YouTube). This contains perspectives from lecturers at Macquarie University, Sydney.

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To help you explore ways in which you can reflect using tools and activities to think about your own practice.

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:1. Reflect on the stimulus video.
Consider the following questions
  • What did you pick up from this clip?
  • Many of the comments focus on learners reflecting. How does this translate to the teacher reflecting?
  • Does this link to anything you have read or explored so far?
2. Talk with colleagues
  • Talk further with colleagues and explore whether they have any favourite tools or ways that they use to reflect on and think about their teaching.
  • Reflect on this in your learning journal.
3. Explore the literature
  • If you haven't looked at some of the links to tools on the earlier pages go back and explore these in more depth.
  • Search further using the range of search approaches introduced in other modules to find out if there are other tools and models not previously mentioned that suit your own practice better.
  • Take note of what you find.
4. Reflect on your learning from these modules and consider what your own thoughts and approaches to reflection on practice and self evaluation are.
  • Record your thoughts so you can look back on these later.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Share aspects of your learning with others in the course using the Moodle Discussion forum.
  2. Collate evidence of your learning in your portfolio.