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This unit helps you to explore dual professionalism in relation to tertiary teaching in vocational education and the influence of the organisational strategies and priorities of your employer on your own work context.

The unit is split into three modules –the first of these modules introduces you to the dual role of a tertiary educator.

The second module in this unit will help you explore the influences on your work context and identify the organisational strategies and priorities of your employer. The 3rd module will explore how those strategies and priorities impact upon and are incorporated into your teaching practice.

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On successful completion of the first module in this Unit you will be able to:
  • Describe your specialty area of expertise
  • Identify the role of a tertiary teacher/educator
  • Outline how the two roles come together in your current job

This will prepare you to be able to identify what it means to you to be a dual professional as both a tertiary educator and expert practitioner in the workplace.