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Learning Summary: Reflective Practice: How can I use this?

This module has given you the opportunity to be introduced to reflective practice, reflection and self evaluation as ways of assisting your own professional development as an educator. You have explored a range of tools and approaches and can now identify some practices that may be of use to you.

Your portfolio is the place to pull all this learning together.

Tell your story

This is a formative activity which will help with your summative assessments later on.

Describe and discuss
how you demonstrate reflective practice skills through reflection and self-evaluation in your teaching.
  • How do you reflect on your teaching practice?
  • How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching?
  • What tools or reflective models do you or could you use?
  • What have you learned about reflection from this module?
  • How will you put this into practice?
  • Include a description of at least one reflective model that you found useful. Be sure to reference this.
  • Add your response to these questions to your portfolio, and post on the Moodle discussion forum.
  • Respond to at least one other person's posting.
  • Reflect on suggestions made by your peers and your facilitator.
  • What else could you do to reflect on practice?


If you have any course related questions make use of the Frequently Asked Question site on Moodle FAQs