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Keep it simple

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There is a lot of information for this course but here is a brief summary of what is required with links to pages that contain more information.

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This course involves self-discovery learning, covering 5 key areas of your teaching practice/work environment:
  • Dual Professional Role
  • Reflective Practice
  • Cultural Competence
  • Work Context
  • Digital Citizenship

To summarise and present your learning around these areas you are asked to compile a portfolio.

Forget images of huge folders you can keep this quite simple.

Tell your story or 'describe and discuss' what you do and think in your practice relating to each learning outcome. You will find guidelines for each submission of your story in the summary page of each module.

This may only equate to a page of written content. Support your story with evidence of your learning.

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There are 12 modules to help you learn about each of the 5 key areas.

Work through each module by moving in sequence through the tabs at the top of the screen in each module.

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They are designed to guide your thinking around the key areas and the summary for each module will lead you back to adding to your portfolio. Use links to the StudyDesk to find your index for the working modules

To make a start Click here!

For more information on creating a portfolio work through each of the 3 tabs of this section.

If you feel stuck or confused – contact Heather