e-Learning activity - Strategy influencing practice

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E-learning Activity Reference number: 4.3

e-Learning activity summary

Title: Strategy influencing practice.
1 - 2 hours
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Exploring how your organisation’s strategy influences your practice

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Stimulus: Choose your own stimulus – select a strategy or priority of your employing institution/organisation.

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To help you identify and articulate how organisational strategy influences your own practice.

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:1. Reflect on your chosen strategy or priority.
In relation to your chosen strategy or priority reflect on and consider the following questions:
  • What is the focus of the strategy?
  • Do you agree with the strategy? Why or why not?
  • Does it include any guidelines regarding expectations of your practice?
  • Can you see how you can incorporate the strategy into what you do?
  • Note examples in your learning journal of what you can do to enact this strategy
  • Were you aware of this strategy before doing this module?
  • Does awareness of this strategy change anything that you do? If so, what?
2. Explore other view points
  • Talk further with colleagues and explore the strategies and priorities that they are aware of.
  • Discuss with colleagues how they ensure that the priorities of your employer are reflected in what they do.
  • Reflect on this in your learning journal.
3. Reflect back on the e-learning activity from the previous module’’’
  • Look back at the key points that you noted re your organisation’s/institution’s documentation around strategies and priorities
  • Having looked at one strategy in detail above, can you identify any other actions that you would include in what you do based around the other strategies or priorities.
  • Note these in your learning journal

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Share aspects of your learning with others in the course using the Moodle Discussion forum.
  2. Collate evidence of your learning for your portfolio.
  3. Use the learning from this module to inform the development of your narrative (your practice story)for the portfolio.