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Kia ora and Welcome to the Practice Context course.

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Hopefully you are starting to find your way around the course and have worked out that this course takes a discovery learning approach where you are guided to seek the information that you need relevant to your own work environment and the learning outcomes of the course.

The expectation is that you will be self directed and self managed with your learning using each topic as a guide to discover the information that is most useful to you.

Click through the tabs in order above, eg. Welcome/Course overview/ Getting started/Introductions. The Getting Started section, will help you get yourself set up for the course.

If you are working on this at the same time as others most find it helpful to work through the 12 modules for the four units in order.

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If you are working independently - Start with Module 1 then work through the modules in each Unit in order. Complete Units 1 first but you can choose your preferred order to tackle the remaining three units.

Formally enrolled learners can take part in online discussions on Moodle]. These discussions are asynchronous(online in your own time frame). Other opportunities for sharing will be negotiated.

Each module contains at least one e-learning activity. Once you have found your way around this course on WikiEducator the activity for this module is simply to introduce yourself.