Sustainable Tourism Practices/Getting started/Course schedule

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Start here then review the Course guide. If you are new to online learning or unfamiliar with navigating the Internet, we recommend you start by using the Moodle links below.
Unit 1: Introduction to course and learning pedagogy
Week 1 Course introduction Moodle E-Activity 1.1 Read the Course guide for information on all assignments.
Unit 2: A sense of place
Week 2 Introducing Asia and the Pacific Moodle E-Activity 2.1
E-Activity 2.2
Start preparing Assignment 1.
Week 3 Historical overview Moodle E-Activity 2.3
Week 4 Historical overview (Cont'd) Moodle E-Activity 2.4
Week 5 Historical overview of Europeans in Asia and the Pacific Moodle E-Activity 2.5 You should complete Assignment 1 by the end of Week 5.
Week 6-7
Unit 3: Understanding culture
Week 8 Diversity of human ideas, values, beliefs and behaviour Moodle E-Activity 3.1 Start preparing Assignment 2.
Week 9 Introduction to religious belief systems of selected societies Moodle E-Activity 3.2
Unit 4: Tourism
Week 10 Tourism Moodle E-Activity 4.1
Unit 5:Regional economic imperatives
Week 11 Regional economic imperatives in Asia Moodle E-Activity 5.1 You should complete Assignment 2 by the end of Week 11.
Week 12 Regional economic imperatives in the Pacific Moodle E-Activity 5.2 Begin preparing Assignment 3.
Unit 6: Regional relations: Issues, responses & foreign relations
Week 13 Regional relations in Asia Moodle E-Activity 6.1
Week 14 Regional relations in the Pacific Moodle E-Activity 6.2
Unit 7: A sense of direction - Regional futures
Week 15 A sense of direction - Regional futures Moodle E-Activity 7.1
Week 16
Final assignment completion. Due end of Week 16.