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A map depicting the participants of the East Asia Summit. The East Asia Summit is an important regional forum, which also includes extra-regional members. The summit is held annually and discusses a variety of issues including security, energy and trade.

Week Thirteen

This week we start looking at regional relations in Asia.

Your exploration this week could involve examining the foreign relations of the states in Asia, as well as bilateral relations between Asian states and other states (either inside or outside of the region).

You should also think about the regional and sub-regional associations in the region.

Again, the e-learning activity for this week will help you to focus your examination of these issues and areas.

Icon objectives line.svg

On successful completion of this Section, you will be able to:

  • evaluate regional relations across Asia from a historical perspective, beginning post-World War 2 when most states gained their independence,
  • investigate and analyse the emergence of regional and sub-regional associations across Asia,
  • explain the pressures of globalisation affecting states across Asia,
  • identify and explain how Asian states have managed their ‘national interest’ in a time of globalisation, increasing interdependence and cooperative relations.