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Kia ora and welcome to this course on Sustainability in Tourism. A compulsory course for tourism major students studying the Bachelor of Applied Management this wiki is used in conjunction with a blog to deliver what we believe are some of the inportant factors surrounding business practices for the tourism industry. Please review the Course description, Course outline and Learning outcomes (below) before starting the Course schedule.

Clicking on the Topic name or Activity name in the Course schedule will take you to that page of content. Every page you open in this course has the Sustainable Tourism Practices course banner at the top of the page, just like the one you see at the top of this page. The navigation menu will help you find your way around and allow you to return to the Home page if you get lost. The Course Blog link in the navigation menu takes you to an external website used to compliment this wiki site.


Course description

By completing this course you will gain an awareness of the benefits of adopting:

  • environmentally, socially, economically and climate responsive sustainable business practices for different sectors of tourism

Course outline

Latest Course Outline to be added here


Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and examine sustainability in a tourism context
  2. Identify and analyse the complexity and challenges of sustainability in tourism
  3. Discuss and evaluate the implementation of sustainable practices for all sectors of tourism
  4. Discuss the future focus for sustainable practice in relation to the tourism industry and enterprises

Course schedule

Unit 1: What is sustainability
Topic 1 Sustainability and Tourism
Unit 2: The complexity and challenges of sustainability in tourism
Topic 2 Complexity and challenge
Unit 3: Implementing sustainable practices in tourism
Topic 3
Implementing sustainable practices
Unit 4: What is the future focus for tourism
Topic 4
Future Focus

Course blog

Here is the latest update from the Sustainable Tourism Practices blog. Unfortunately images don't display in this feed. To view the entire post click on the title of the post. Use right click (or control click for Mac users) to open the post in a new tab.

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