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e-Learning activity summary
Summary: Researching, selecting and preparing a country profile
3.5 to 4 hours

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Stimulus resources
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  • To identify and become more familiar with a country of your choice located in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • This e-learning activity also requires you to become familiar with database searches and navigating your way around available information.

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Learning outcome actions
  1. Select the country you wish to investigate further. (You may want to revisit our list of Asia-Pacific countries).
  2. Using your country as a search term, begin researching information on your selected country. You should read widely about your country, noting points of interest about your country.
  3. Prepare your country profile by responding (about 150-250 words total) to the following criteria:
    • Name of country:
    • Style of government:
    • Interesting information about your country you weren’t aware of:
  4. Please enter any useful online sources you accessed during this e-learning activity.
  5. Prepare a blog post (recommended) or personal learning journal entry using a word processor or Google document.
  6. Remember to apply the RRAP101 tag (or label) to your post. (This is needed for harvesting your post for the course feed.)