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At the Sera Monastery in Tibet, monks come together to hold great and small debates. The monastery is a popular destination for tourists to come and watch the debates.

Overview of the second learning pathway

We will be thinking about religion in this learning pathway.

In particular, we will be exploring the religious diversity that exists across the Asia-Pacific region.

There are many and varied religious traditions across the region, and this area of study provides furtive grounds for deeper understanding of the region and its peoples.

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On successful completion of this section, you will be able to:

  • identify and explain the principal religious traditions of Asia and the Pacific,
  • list the key ideas of selected religious traditions within Asia and the Pacific,
  • identify and describe the central source books, written record (if any), or oral traditions of selected religious traditions,
  • identify and explain the ways in which a selected religion has influenced the behaviour and society of a state in the Asia-Pacific region where it is practised.