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Poverty, and income disparity, is a key problem throughout Asia. Here, people sort through refuse in the Payatas dumpsite in Manila to find things they can sell for recycling. Eliminating poverty is an important economic imperative in the region.

Overview of the first learning pathway

We will explore the regional economic imperatives of Asia in this learning pathway

In the 1990s it seemed the Asian economies were on a spectacular trajectory. However, the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 had a damaging effect on many countries in the region.

We need to think about the history of economic relations in the region, and we should then identify the regional economic imperatives of the region.

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On successful completion of this section, you will be able to:

  • evaluate the main historical, theoretical and policy developments that have led to closer economic integration and cooperation in Asia,
  • explain the rapid growth of regional trading partners in Asia, particularly the northeast Asian economies,
  • evaluate contemporary economic relations among regional trading partners in Asia,
  • identify and describe the major financial tensions and crises that have impacted the region.