e-Learning activity - Europeans in Asia and the Pacific

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e-Learning activity summary
Summary: Research and report on European colonisation in the Asia-Pacific region.
6 - 7 hours

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Stimulus resources
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To identify and become more familiar with European colonisation in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Learning outcome actions
  1. Begin with a general exploration of sources on European colonisation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. You should examine European perceptions of the region and its peoples.
  2. After some general reading on this topic, select a state that experienced European colonisation that you would like to focus on in more depth. Remember, you can use the Recommended Reference Materials as a useful start for information.
  3. Begin more focused research on the impacts of colonisation on your selected state. You should explore and report on:
    • the state’s experiences of colonisation,
    • the impact colonisation had on the state,
    • when the state gained independence and
    • if there has been an enduring legacy from its experience as a colonised state.
  4. Write a summary of your findings (250-500) with full citation details of your sources.
  5. Prepare a blog post (recommended) or personal learning journal entry using a word processor or Google document.
  6. Remember to apply the RRAP101 tag (or label) to your post. (This is needed for harvesting your post for the course feed.)