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Cultural tourism in increasingly thriving throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In this picture, tourists are exploring the Khmer Pre Rup temple ruins in Angkor, Cambodia.

Overview of the first learning pathway

Tourism is the focus of our attention in this learning pathway.

We will be exploring the different types of tourism in the region, and thinking about the positives and negatives of the tourism industry on the peoples, societies, cultures and economies in the region.

You can approach this topic in a number of ways, and the e-learning activity will guide you as to what you should focus on.

Icon objectives line.svg

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • evaluate the importance of tourism for states within the Asia-Pacific region,
  • explain the different types of tourism present in Asia and the Pacific,
  • identify and explain the impacts of tourism on the societies and economies of states in the Asia-Pacific region,
  • evaluate the impact of tourism on cultures within Asia and the Pacific.