Hair Avant Garde/Avant Garde Practical Activity

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Learners practice their design on their models or manikins head (for hair), or a person (for make-up) using their make-up resource as a guide to follow.

  • Learners present their manikins heads/make-up models for inspections.
    * Learners explain key points, they make suggestions, consider looking for links with questions and activities.
    * Learners explain if they have had any difficulties or did creating their look follow their plan.
    * Learners can explain and describe their results from the activity.
    * Once they have organised a plan for their look, learners can participate as helpers in the practical session if needed.

Take pictures of your practice work which you can load into your gallery portfolio on your wiki page.

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  • Trainees select their most important key point and tell the group (select the next important if first has already been used).
    * Group compares their creation to the examples of Catwalk / Glamour / Cultural-Tribal.
    * Are there similarities/differences?
    * How has creativity been used?
    * Trainees brainstorm any new insights they have.
    * How close do the looks resemble their categories?