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Spice Girls in Toronto

Hair - Contemporary

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Modern in style or design, ultramodern.
Contemporary look has a modern style and is

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Prior knowledge of blow-drying/curling irons/hot roller setting capabilities have been determined prior to your participation. You are currently practicing long hair and other styles in class. You have had some experience using heated rollers and curling wands. You will need to take a front view and back view photograph in class of your work in progress. Use a mobile phone or class digital camera - it is optional if you would like to use your own camera. These images can be stored and collated on your own page for your portfolio gallery. You will need to edit your page adding your own designs and photo to your page on the Millennium Hair and Beauty website.

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At the end of this session you should/will be able to design a contemporary look using the hairstyle analysis sheet for contemporary look selecting your preferred choice of hot rollers and teasing/curling irons and GHD stylers as a basis for you to include these techniques which will finalise your contemporary look. Research and practice will enable you to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary look using ultra modern design principles for your contemporary hairstyle category.

Developing Design Principles

This is a fantastic opportunity for you develop your contemporary hair design principles through your research, while collecting pictures and information to collate in your gallery portfolio. There is a specific design principle to consider when completing the contemporary look, which is about ultramodern in design.

For this activity you will need to access a manikin head using long hair or a model which is clean and dry preferably freshly washed.

You are invited to try the contemporary look technique you have researched once you have discussed this with your teacher and seen demonstrations of the contemporary look. Be sure you fill out your hairstyle analysis sheet for your contemporary hair design, have your teacher view your completed analysis sheet and discuss your design.  You are able to make personal modifications to your own contemporary look manikin head as needed.