Hair and Beauty Introduction/Cultural and Tribal Style/Activity 1

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Photographic Look Cultural and Tribal

Stylist - Jacinta Chatwin
Certificate II Hairdressing Student

Photographer- Polytechnic Photo Imaging Student

Step 1  Make sure the skin is freshly washed and cleaned.

Step 2  Apply moisturiser to skin before using a concealer. Once the concealer has been applied, add the foundation evenly to the skin, add bronzer to the cheeks.

Step 3  Using black eyeliner, thinly mark around the outside of the eye, this will give the eyes the illusion of more depth.

Step 4  Using an eye shadow brush apply black liquid eye shadow to the eyelid stopping after the first crease.
Bring the eye shadow out to the corner of the eye, extending the black liquid eye shadow 3cm past the top corner of the eye, near the eyebrows.

Step 5  The white eye shadow is applied directly on top of the black liquid eyeshadow using a smaller detailed white eyeliner and a white eye shadow applicator. Continue to extend beyond the corner of the eye. You are starting to build up your cultural/tribal eye shadow design.

Step 6  Ensure your design is even, by carefully measuring the intricate 3 points on the face with sticky tape leave the tape while you draw free hand. Check for consistency. Apply your black gem stones to the base and top of your cheeks. Highlight the sides of the face using the white eyeliner to give light and shade contrast. This technique really brings out definition.

Step 7  Once you have achieved your flow of eyeshadows, apply the liquid eyeliner from the corner of the eyes flowing to the end of the built up eyeshadow. Tip ensure you cover the eyebrows with the black liquid eyeshadow feathering the product, gently drawing soft moments across the eyebrows.

Step 8  Add false eye lashes to the base of the eyelid, wait until the glue dries before you apply your mascara.

Step 9  Add your feather onto the face using eyelash adhesive; by adding a feather in the center of the forehead this will help to accentuate the cultural/ tribal make-up design.

Step10  Apply a shiny lip gloss to the lips; the lip gloss completes the Cultural/ tribal Make-up design.