Hair and Beauty Introduction/Glamour/Activity 1

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Glamour Make-up Photographic Look

Stylist: Megen Jaffray, Certificate II Hairdressing student
Photographer: Model Harley, Certificate IV Photoimaging student

Glamour shows the elegance and attractiveness of a person. There is a little glamour in everyone. It could be your birthday, wedding day; glamour is at the races, or just going out for dinner. It is always special to feel glamorous.

The style is a 'Glamour Look' because it is enhancing Harley’s attractiveness. She is beautiful no matter what you do to her so she can pull the look off. The make-up and accessories are also elegant in style and design.

The total package produces the 'Glamour Look'.

Glamour Make-up

Glamour Look

Image courtesy of Cillian Storm

Step 1

Protect models clothes with a cape and towel. Wash face, dry face, moisturize the face.

Step 2
Apply concealer under the eyes. Apply nude mineral foundation evenly over the face and neck.

Step 3
Apply black eyeliner.

Step 4
Apply purple eye shadow at the base of the eyelid. Apply the blue eye shadow in the corners of both eyes. Apply the silver eye shadow on the remainder of the eye.

Step 5
Apply the black, silver, purple and pink glitters while the eyes are closed. Repeat the same process using the glitters under the eye.

Step 6
Apply 3 applications of black mascara.

Step 7
Apply pressed powder to set the foundation make-up.

Step 8
Evenly apply the blush to the cheeks.

Step 9
Apply lip gloss to the lip area.

Step 10
Add coloured gems to the side of the face arrange in a soft flowing pattern.