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Catwalk Look

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Catwalk: Models demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. Usually more detailed hairstyles and high fashion / haute couture.

Picture references

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You are currently practicing braiding and Long hair up- styling in class. You will need to take photos of your hairstyles. This information will be collated and you will need to edit adding your design to the Millennium Hair and Beauty Course website.
  • Your prior knowledge of blow-drying / styling and braiding capabilities have been determined prior to your participation.
  • You have experienced some practical and theory learning activities / session, in preparation for your photo-shoot
  • You are currently practicing in class.
  • You will need to collect ideas for inspiration for your assignment layout and makeup designs.

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At the end of this session you should/ will be able to:
  • Select and apply makeup using the makeup resource as a guide.
  • Apply your creativity using techniques you have acquired from Blow drying, thermal styling, Using hot curlers, hot tongs, straighteners, hair styling and braiding.

The 2010 make-up videos (left) shows Catwalk Make-up Design /Hairstyles.

Press play to view the practical make-up demonstration.

Developing Design Prinicples

This is a fantastic opportunity for you develop your catwalk hair design principles through your research, while collecting pictures and information to collate in your gallery portfolio.

There is a specific design principle to consider when completing the Catwalk look, which is about more detailed hairstyles and high fashion / haute couture. You will have an understanding of /and will research Catwalk Hairstyles/ Make-up/Fashion.

For this activity you will need to access a manikins head using long hair or a model, which has clean and dry hair preferably freshly washed.

You are invited to try the catwalk look technique you have researched, once you have discussed this with your teacher and seen demonstrations of the catwalk look.


Be sure you fill out your Hairstyle_Analysis_Sheet for your Catwalk hair design, have your Teacher view your completed Hairstyle Analysis Sheet, discuss your design.  You are able to make personal modifications to your Catwalk Look Manikin Head as needed.

Further learning:  Download a MakeUp_Analysis_Sheet.  You may like to try using the example make-ups used in the demonstration videos or create your own Catwalk inspired make-up look.