Hair Classic/Classic Look How to Achieve

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Hair - Classic Style

Meaning simple, harmonious, well proportioned traditional or conventional.

Stylist - Angie Alexiou

How to Achieve the Classic Look

Step 1

Divide the hair into 4 sections.  Using your sectioning clips secure the hair from front to back, then from side to side.

Step 2
Apply heated rollers to your sections and allow the rollers to stay in the hair for at least 20 minutes until they have cooled.

Step 3
Take out the rollers

Step 4
Backcomb at the crown and the top section of the head for additional height.

Step 5
Be sure to smooth out the back combing /teasing so there is not any cob webbing present.

Step 6
Attach bobby pins or hair slides on each side of the hair, securing the top of the hair at the crown.

Step 7
Ensure you use hairspray as you complete the classic look to help the style stay in place.

Step 8
You can use gloss on the length defining the curls.