Hair and Beauty Introduction/Cultural and Tribal Style

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Cultural / Tribal Look

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Cultural / Tribal: Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.

Picture references

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  • Your prior knowledge of blow-drying / styling and braiding capabilities have been determined prior to your participation.
  • You have experienced some practical and theory learning activities / session, in preparation for your photo-shoot
  • You are currently practicing in class.
  • You will need to collect ideas for inspiration for your assignment layout and makeup designs.

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At the end of this session you should/ will be able to:
  • Select and apply makeup using the makeup resource as a guide.
  • Apply your creativity using techniques you have acquired from Blow drying, thermal styling, Using hot curlers, hot tongs, straighteners, hair styling and braiding.
  • Understand and research Cultural & Tribal Hairstyles/ Make-up/Fashion

The 2010 make-up videos (left) shows Cultural/Tribal Make-up Designs/Hairstyles.

Press play to view the practical make-up demonstration.

Developing Design Principles

This is a fantastic opportunity for you develop your Cultural/Tribal hair design principles through your research, while collecting pictures and information to collate in your gallery portfolio.

There is a specific design principle to consider when completing the Cultural/Tribal look, fashion design is the applied art, dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories, created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.
You will have an understanding of /and will research Cultural/Tribal, Clothing/ Hairstyles/ Make-up/Fashion.

For this activity you will need to access a manikins head using long hair or a model, which has clean and dry hair preferably freshly washed.

You are invited to try the Cultural/Tribal look technique you have researched, once you have discussed this with your teacher and seen demonstrations of the Cultural/Tribal look.

Be sure you fill out your Hairstyle Analysis Sheet for your Cultural/Tribal hair design, have your Teacher view your completed Hairstyle Analysis Sheet, discuss your design.
You are able to make personal modifications to your Cultural/Tribal Look Manikin Head as needed.

Further Learning: Download a make-up analysis sheet. You may like to try using the example make-ups used in the demonstration videos or create your own Cultural/Tribal inspired make-up look.