Hair and Beauty Introduction/Competition and Research

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Hair Competition

This competition is a fantastic opportunity to develop your creativity while collecting information to use in your portfolio.

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Prior knowledge of blow-drying/styling and braiding have been determined prior to your participation. You have had prior learning activities and theory sessions.
You are currently practicing in class. You will need to collect ideas for inspiration for your assignment layout and makeup designs. This information will be collated and placed on your page in this wiki.

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At the end of of this session you should/ will be able to:
  • Select and apply makeup using the makeup resources as a guide.
  • Apply your creativity using techniques you have acquired from blow drying, thermal styling, using hot curlers, hot tongs, straighteners, hair styling and braiding.
  • Have an understanding of researching hair styles: Classic look, Contemporary look, Avant Garde look.


There are three categories for designing your look. For this activity you will need to access the internet, for your learning activity, to research the following:

  1. Contemporary look: Modern in style or design.
  2. Out there Avant Garde look: Using or Favouring Ultra Modern Style, New Innovative.
  3. Classic look: Simple, Harmonious, Well Preportioned, Traditional or Conventional.

You will need to research each category. Include 4 pictures for each category.
Label the style, whether it is modern, contemporary or classic.
Label the make-up used and how you think the look was created, the products used for the hairstyle and make-up.
All this information needs to be stored onto your computer and then uploaded into Picturetrail, paste the code for your Picturetrail into your page of this wiki, in your Gallery Portfolio.


For the competition you will be asked to create ONE of the researched looks. You will use a manikins head or person (whom you will photograph). All manikins heads will be displayed in the library for judging.

Prizes: There will be 3 prizes in total, the look which best represents the category will be the winner.
You can bring in hairpieces or hair decorations from home to use or if you would like to use a scarf there are some available.

You can decorate your manikin including make-up. Within reason!

Conclusion: Finally submit your completed portfolio for assessment of activites. Display your manikin head in the library for judging. Most of all have fun creating your chosen look, I can't wait to see your portfolio, web page and finished work.