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  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water.  Sanitize hands using Zero Bac for yourself and your client hands
  2. Prepare manicure bowl.  Fill with warm water and santizer
  3. Analyse client's hands and nails
  4. Remove polish
  5. Consult with client
  6. File and shape nails
  7. Apply cuticle remover
    Fingers and Toes       Image courtesy of Editor B
  8. Place hand in finger bowl
  9. Repeat filing, shaping and cutical care on the opposite hand
  10. Pat first hand dry
  11. Push back cuticles
  12. Scrub hand and nails with a nail brush
  13. Clean under free edge using your orange stick wrapped in cotton wool
  14. Pat hand dry
  15. Repeat cuticle and cleaning care on the opposite hand
  16. Apply exfoliator to hands, fingers and forearms using massage techniques using Effleurage and Pettrisage massage fingers and forearems/wrists
  17. Wipe remainder of exfoliator product using a towel soaked in warm water
  18. Apply massage lotion or cream
  19. Perform massage techniques using Effleurage and Pettrisage.  Massage fingers and forearms/writs
  20. Remove all traces of massage oils or creams from the nails using cotton wool and nail polish remover
  21. Apply base coat
  22. Apply two coats of polish
  23. Remove any excess polish from the skin using the orange stick and cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover
  24. Apply top coat

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