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Many people throughout the world live in coastal areas. This may be due to lifestyle choices or simply because of the shape or size of their country. A real threat to any coastal area is that of a tsunami. This learning resource has been designed and developed to teach students about tsunami. Students will discover what tsunami are and how they occur. They will be given the opportunity to describe the damage tsunami can do to the physical location, environment and social situation. During the final stages students will be given the chance to plan and prepare a survival plan for the threat of a tsunami.

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Students will be able to:

  • Define tsunami, describe how it occurs and identify the warning signs - both man-made and natural.
  • Describe the physical and social effects that a tsunami can have.
  • Design and evaluate survival plans and precautions against the threat of tsunami for their local context and other contexts.


  1. Introduction
  2. Phase 1: Defining tsunami
    • Lesson 1
    1. Defining tsunami
    2. What is a tsunami?
    3. Waves
    4. Wave energy
    5. Tsunami height
    6. Height & run-up
    7. Simulation
    • Lesson 2
    1. Warning sign
    2. Natural signs
    3. Official warnings
    4. Unofficial warnings
    • Lesson 3
    1. Tsunami Signs
    2. Signs quiz
    3. Phase 1 summary
  3. Phase 2: The waves have gone... What now?
    • Lesson 1
    1. What now?
    2. Effects
    3. Physical impact
    • Lesson 2
    1. Social impact: could this be us?
    2. Diary activity
    3. Phase 2 summary
  4. Phase 3: Tsunami survivor
    • Lesson 1
    1. Prepare for survival
    2. Emergency plan
    • Lesson 2
    1. Escape routes
    • Lesson 3
    1. Getaway kit
    2. Plan activity
    • Lesson 4
    1. Assess the risk
    2. Tsunami game
    3. Survival Agent summary
  5. Teaching Guide