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  1. What tsunami warning signs can you find in the area you live in? Take photographs of a couple of locations and mark them on a map of the area.
  2. Design your own tsunami warning sign poster to be used in your community. Where would you put these signs? - mark the locations on a map of the area you live in? How many do you think you would need? What would you make them out of? What colours would you use?


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Survival Agent

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The knowledge that you have gained so far in your survival agent training will be highly important for your role in the community. By understanding what happens inside a tsunami and how they occur, you are better able to prepare your community to react if one happens. By understanding the warning signs that indicate a tsunami could be on its way, you can make sure that the community’s reaction is fast and effective. And finally, by understanding the official symbols and sign-boards that are used to show tsunami risk and to let us know the official evacuation plans, you can look out for where these signs are locally, or suggest which local beaches should have them.

As you carry on with your training, you will learn more about tsunami by focusing on their consequences and impacts.

  • What damage does a tsunami cause to the environment?
  • What about to the people and the community?