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The waves have gone... What now?

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Survival Agent

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Having completed stage one of your training, you are now ready for the next level of knowledge of tsunami: their impacts.

You may have seen tsunami depicted in movies or on TV, with the damage occurring very quickly and ending soon afterward. In real life, tsunami do move very quickly, but the damage that they cause can last a long time. The physical impact of a tsunami is hard to describe in words, so the agency has gathered pictures to help you build a stronger understanding of the destruction that tsunami can cause.

These images are often quite shocking and almost unbelievable in the scale of damage caused to buildings and the natural landscape. But one important thing to keep in mind is that these are real places shown in the pictures: the buildings destroyed in these pictures were real homes, schools, businesses, and meeting places. The communities displaced by tsunami are made up of real people who have lost their homes and their entire communities.

These facts remind us that tsunami also have a social impact: on the community as a whole as well as on each individual person who experienced the disaster.

As a survival agent, you are responsible for protecting people in your community. That includes protecting them from physical harm, protecting their homes and property, but it also includes protecting them from the social impact of disaster that can carry on long after the homes are rebuilt.

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You will be learning to describe the physical and social impacts that a tsunami can have.