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Tsunami survivor

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You will be designing and evaluating an emergency plan, planning escape routes, putting together a getaway kit and learning how to help your community to prepare for tsunami in your area.

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Survival Agent

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Your job as a Survival Agent in your community is vital to keeping your community safe and prepared. The first step to preparing the community is to prepare each individual household. The activities in this stage of the course will help you to learn about emergency plans and getaway kits. You will learn how to make these for yourself and for your own household, and by doing so you will gain knowledge that you can pass on as a Survival Agent to keep your whole community, and other communities, safe.

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Knowing what to do in the event of a tsunami can help you to keep yourself and your family safe.
  • Know if your local area could be struck by a tsunami.
  • Talk with your family and prepare an emergency plan.
  • Identify safe places close to your home and school – go as far inland as possible or to higher ground as possible.
  • Prepare a getaway kit.