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Welcome to Surviving Tsunami.

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Survival Agent

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Planning and preparing for natural disasters is important for communities of every size, anywhere in the world. As the best and brightest in your region, you have been selected to join a global task force on natural disasters as a Survival Agent (SA). The goal of this task force is to gather and build on our knowledge of natural disasters, how they occur, what effects they can have, and how we can prepare for them and respond to them when they happen.

As the SA for your region in charge of tsunami, you will need to build expert knowledge of tsunami.

Using that knowledge you will be able to help your community and other communities around the world to prepare and to survive a tsunami.

A number of tasks are presented on this wiki that will help you to become an expert on tsunami.
Following the activities in three stages you will be able to:

  1. Define tsunami, describe how it occurs and identify the warning signs, man-made and natural.
  2. Describe the physical and social effects that a tsunami can have.
  3. Design and evaluate survival plans and precautions against the threat of tsunami for your local community and other communities worldwide.

There are also a number of ways that you will learn this information:

  • Sometimes you will need to look at diagrams and think about how each part of the picture relates to the others.
  • Other times you will conduct experiments and activities at home or in class that will let you see the science of tsunami in action.
  • There will be some information to read and remember, and you will have the chance to use this information in simulations to make important decisions and save the lives of hundreds of people.
  • You will also use this information to develop plans for communities to survive a tsunami: you will have the chance to put these plans into action and really see if they work.
  • Finally, you will also put together preparedness kits and plans for your own community and your own family and look at strategies for making these plans so that you can help other families and communities around the world to be prepared.

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Survival Agent

As you work through each activity in the course, think about how this knowledge helps you as a Survival Agent. In order to become a tsunami expert, you should continue to ask yourself these questions throughout the course:

  1. Have I learnt all that I could learn about tsunami from this activity?
  2. How does this knowledge prepare me to deal with tsunami?
  3. How can I use this knowledge to make my community and other communities safer?