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Escape routes

If you are ever involved in a tsunami you will need to know which route to take to escape it.

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Plan Your Escape

  1. Using a map of the area you live in, draw your escape routes from your home, farm, school and mum/dad’s workplace, or any other place you could be where tsunami might occur. Remember you will need to go as far inland and as high up as you can. You should be able to reach your safe location on foot as soon as possible. (if you live in an area that could not be threatened by a tsunami, try completing this activity for a place near the coast that you have visited or may visit in the future).
  2. Mark on your map where the tsunami will impact, and where welfare centres and safe places are.
  3. Find out what your school’s evacuation plan is. Do mum and dad know what arrangements are in place if a tsunami hits when you are at school?
  4. Practice your evacuation routes so that you are able to follow your escape route even at night or during bad weather. Disasters can happen without warning so you need an evacuation route that you can follow in any situation.

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