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Physical process of tsunami

The Agency wants you to look at the following simulation of what happens under the water when a tsunami occurs. As you watch the video, think about how this knowledge can help you to prepare your community for surviving a tsunami.

Tsunami sometimes occur as a result of an underwater earthquake:  Watch this video

Tsunami Phase 1 L1 6.jpg

NOTE: A tidal wave is a term that is commonly used to mean the same thing as a tsunami, but tidal waves and tsunami are actually quite different. Tsunami waves are not tidal waves. Waves that are created by the tides (tidal waves) are caused by the moon’s gravity interacting with the earth’s gravity.

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Bathtub Tsunami

Listen here

Based on what you have learnt so far, you know what a tsunami is, you have seen footage of one happening, you can identify what causes a tsunami and what goes on inside one as it happens.

Now, we think you’re ready to see how a tsunami happens in real life.

  1. Create a tsunami in your bathtub at home by carrying out this experiment.

Watch a video of the simulation.