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Official warnings

The International Tsunami Information Centre describes where tsunami warnings originate from for most countries that are at risk from tsunami. Many countries such as New Zealand also have official warning systems that are used to warn the public. These warnings are distributed locally by emergency authorities (the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management in New Zealand) and may be delivered via siren, telephone, txt, loud hailer or other local arrangements.

Click here to hear the tsunami warning siren.

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Situation Report

  1. Go to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre website and find out what the definition of a tsunami warning is. (Have a look in the FAQ link on the left side.)
  2. In groups of Survival Agents, review the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre website and find out when the last tsunami message was issued and for what area, where the earthquake epicenter was located and what magnitude the earthquake was.
  3. Complete the situation report for this event using the tsunami situation report (sitrep) template.