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Defining tsunami

Watch this video of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

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                                               Boxing Day tsunami - 2004

2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

In 1960, a massive magnitude 9.5 earthquake off the coast of Chile generated a Pacific-wide tsunami causing thousands of deaths in Chile, and hundreds of deaths in Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines. It also caused widespread damage on the east coast of New Zealand even though the tsunami arrived at low tide. The tsunami would have been far more destructive in New Zealand if it had struck at high tide. More recent events like the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 (Indian Ocean) and the Solomon Islands tsunami in April 2007 didn’t cause any damage in New Zealand, however significant rises in water level were recorded.

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Survival Agent

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As a Survival Agent, the knowledge that you gain about tsunami will be essential to protecting your community and others. If a tsunami threatens your region, it will be your responsibility to help the people in your community to be prepared and to prevent the devastation it could cause.

We are confident that you are up to this challenge. But first, you need to learn about what causes a tsunami.