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Natural warning signals

Natural warning signals are of key importance in responding to a tsunami and in many cases may be the only warnings possible. One of the most important aspects of your job as a Survival Agent will be to look out for natural warning signs so that when a tsunami is about to occur you have the foresight to warn people of the danger.

Natural warning signals include:

  • Strong earthquake shaking (it’s really hard to stand up)
  • Weak, rolling earthquake shaking of unusually long duration (a minute or more)
  • Out of the ordinary sea behavior, such as an unusual and sudden sea level fall or rise (“the sea’s going out!”)
  • The sea making loud and unusual noises, especially roaring like a jet engine.

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Media Release

  1. Review the interview with the Wutzler family and list the natural warning signals that were identified by Abbey or mentioned in the animated video. [Abbey Wutzler Video]
  2. As a Survival Agent what will you advise people to do if natural warning signals are experienced? Prepare a media release that could have been read out over the radio during the Samoan Tsunami in 2009 using this template to establish your public education messages. Here is an example.