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Farm-Fresh information.png SchoolNet Namibia Archives
This page includes links (right-hand column in the table below) to Chairperson reports, Director reports and other documents archived at SchoolNet Namibia. These provide additional background to the project and indicate progress.

Feel free to make wiki versions of these documents, hyper-linked from the left column.

Documents in the Archives of SchoolNet Namibia

Annual General Reports
Annual General Report 2002 .odt (description)
Annual General Report 2004 .odt (description)
Director's Reports
Director's Report 2003 .odt (description)
Director's Report 2004 .odt (description)
Director's Report 2005 .odt (description)
Director's Report 2006 .odt (description)
Director's Report 2006 Appendix .png (description)
Director's Report 2007 .odt (description)
Director's Report 2008 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Reports
Chairperson's Report 2003 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Report 2004 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Report 2005 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Report 2006 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Report 2007 .odt (description)
Chairperson's Report 2008 .odt (description)
Development Priorities .pdf (description)
From SchoolNet to XNet .odp (description)
A SchoolNet Vision 2005 .pdf (description)
Introducing SchoolNet .odp (description)
Planning, Budget and Audit documents
SchoolNet Workplan 2008 .ods (description - budget, school TCO model and operational overheads for 2008)
Final Annual Financial Report 2008/9 .ods (description)
Miscellaneous reports
Sida preliminary report 2002 .odt (description)
Sida intermediate report 2003/4[1] External link: Evaluation of Swedish Support to SchoolNet Namibia.
Sida final progress report 2007 .odt (description)
SchoolNet IDRC WIFI report See: SchoolNet Namibia Research (IDRC)[2]

For the record, all documents in these archives[3] are copyright:

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  2. Morris, C and U. du Buisson. 2005. SchoolNet Namibia Research - a road map for replication of the SchoolNet Namibia model in other situations (approach: Outcome Mapping). IDRC, 2005.
  3. N.B. Those referenced with external links may carry different licences which need to be observed.