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Servicing Used Computers

SchoolNet conducted a high volume of refurbishments over the years. Long term costs were reduced by establishing three technical service centres around the country (in Ondangwa, Rundu and Gobabis) for easier access to the rural areas. The centres were modeled on SchoolNet's Katutura workshop and were staffed with one or more techies/ trainers, one of whom doubled up as Centre Administrator. Each centre had an IT training lab of 10 – 20 workstations hooked up to whatever (Telecom Namibia) internet service was available. The centres served as local repair shops, internet cafés, IT training centres and a demand-driven outlet for technical equipment and consumables.

Hundreds of local unemployed youths received on-the-job training at these centres to became skilled volunteers. After “qualifying” from the centre and serving SchoolNet Namibia for a while, many went on to secure jobs in the ICT sector in Namibia (or in schools, or became SchoolNet staff members, etc.). This is an admirable contribution to the socio-economics of the country.