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In some situations, SchoolNet had to find a way to provide power. Away from the national power grid in a country with abundant sunshine, solar energy was an obvious choice, and SchoolNet Namibia pioneered its use in northern Namibia.

The table below summarises milestones in SchoolNet's efforts to provide solar power to schools.

Improvising for Power
Solar Solution
September 2001: Demonstration of solar powered wireless internet solution for remote schools - Spring Energy Fair.
February 2003: Completion of pilot solar school installations in northern Namibia
November 2002: First 10 schools provided with solar powered electricity in northern Namibia, first two wireless schools in northern Namibia
April 2003: Telecom Namibia MD and senior officials of the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture visit off-grid solar-powered wireless schools in northern Namibia
November 2003: SchoolNet invited to join Rural Electrification Coordinating committee (Ministry of Mines and Energy)