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The Case of SchoolNet Namibia

Kim Tucker and Joris Komen[1]
CC BY-SA icon.svg © Free Technology Academy, Kim Tucker and Joris Komen (2010)
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The Case of SchoolNet Namibia was written for the Case Studies module among the Free Technology Academy's courses on Free Software[2]. Fta-logo-128x41.png

Primary Contributors/Contacts

David Jacovkis[3]

David has ten years experience in systems engineering using Free Software, working as an IT manager (Institut Internacional de Governabilitat de Catalunya) and a freelance consultant for several organisations. He also has lecturing experience at university level and has worked as an editor of educational materials. Since August 2006 he has been working with the UOC and in the SELF Project as a learning materials facilitator and technology advisor. In 2007 he co-founded the Free Knowledge Institute.

Free Knowledge Institute

Minahassastraat 1, 2031094 RS Amsterdam

T: +31.20.8910.319F: +31.877.844.107

E: david [AT]


Joris Komen

Joris is currently an ICT Development Consultant after a varied career including curator of birds at the National Museum of Namibia (1983-2000) and promoting ICT for museum collections and education in Africa and elsewhere. Joris played a critical role in launching and driving SchoolNet Namibia, a civil society organisation which is committed to providing sustainable internet access, free/libre and open source software, and Creative Commons educational content to all schools in Namibia. He continues to explore innovations in education and sustainable lifestyles with renewable energy

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Kim Tucker

Kim is a researcher, writer, facilitator and catalyst. His interests include the global impact of technology and connected collaborative learning, and knowledge transfer across disciplines and divides. He promotes free software and "libre knowledge" emphasising collective wisdom for a sustainable planet that may emerge on account of the freedoms associated with libre resources: freedom to participate in the global knowledge society.


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“Free Software: the case of SchoolNet Namibia” is a living document under constant development on WikiEducator: Periodically, a reviewed version may be incorporated into training materials of the Free Knowledge Academy on Free Software Case Studies:

Special Thanks

Special thanks are due to Joris Komen who has shared insights freely over the years and contributed substantially to this case study in terms of comments, content, and granting permission to use material on the SchoolNet Namibia web site which will be closed in due course.

All images are complements of SchoolNet Namibia and the SchoolNet Photo Library. The text, images and figures included in this document are shareable under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence unless otherwise indicated.


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  1. Author for correspondence on matters relating to SchoolNet Namibia. Contact via
  3. Contact for Free Technology Academy/ Free Knowledge Institute.