The Case of SchoolNet Namibia/Operations/Activities

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This section provides brief notes on how SchoolNet Namibia went about a selection of activities.

The table below summarises school needs and corresponding SchoolNet offerings and services[1].

School Need SchoolNet Products Services.
Power Solar.
Computer Labs OpenLab or Edubuntu, LTSP lab., hybrid fatclient lab.
Connectivity Dial-up/modem, ISP, wireless.
Educational Content Free/ open source, commercial bundles.
ICT Technical Support Help desk.
ICT Skills Training. Volunteer trainers, web projects.
Funds and Staff for ICT Source from the Ministry of Basic Education Sports & Culture (MBESC), and use school funds (not from SchoolNet)

The following subsections expand on core activities including servicing used computers, connectivity, packaging learning resources, deployment, technical support, training and advocacy. But first, how does a school get into the process?

  1. Ballantyne, P. 2004. Evaluation of Swedish Support to SchoolNet Namibia. Report to Sida. Available via Sida publications: