ICT in Education and SchoolNet Namibia

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Primary Source[1]

The locally exorbitant cost of computers, proprietary software and professional support made it exceedingly difficult for schools to acquire new computers. SchoolNet sought to bridge the digital divide and bring Information and Communication Technologies closer to the people by introducing computer technology and internet access to ALL schools in Namibia.

From the outset, it was clear that introducing ICT into Namibian schools would require more than supplying the hardware and software. A significant number of the schools were far removed from the support available in the city (Windhoek), many were lacking in terms of basic infrastructure (rooms, furniture, ablutions, power, telecommunications, ...) and the staff and learners typically had little if any experience of computers.

This section describes SchoolNet's role in ICT in education and elements of its modus operandum. The importance of partnerships and SchoolNet's community-based approach are highlighted as key to establishing preconditions and helping the schools rise to the challenges for a long term solution. SchoolNet's services are listed in anticipation of the next section on Operations.

  1. This section was (slightly) adapted from the SchoolNet Namibia web site http://schoolnet.edunet-namibia.org//about/history.html (20/9/10) with permission.