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Registrations for online workshop - 28 April to 9 May 2008

Confirmed Participants

Solomon Islands UIA Chris RDVA Youthfirst Computers Trainer/ Technical Assistant chrisuia@yahoo.com
Rwanda UKENEYEMURWE Jean National University of Rwanda ICT Lecturer ukejean@yahoo.fr
Belize GOMEZ MAHUNG Lily University of Belize Lecturer in Nursing lili_gsamie@hotmail.com
Brasil ARENA Carla Casa Thomas Jefferson Educator/Teacher/Trainer carlaarena@gmail.com signed
Brasil DIEU Barbara Educator/ICT steward/ beeonline@gmail.com signed (continuing work on ELT Resources)
Barbados MEDFORD Juan Cuthbert Moore Primary School Teacher/Early Childhood Coordinator jrm42@hotmail.com Signed
India SHANBHAG Shailaja Karnataka State Open University Lecturer shaibhat@yahoo.co.in
St. Vincent and the Grenadines McALLAN Trent St. Vincent's College Teacher trent.mcallan@gmail.com
India SANDERS Mohan University of Madras Faculty member mohansanders@vsnl.net
Canada CLARKE-OKAH, DR. Willie Commonwealth of Learning Education Specialist, Higher Education and Policy Development wclarke-okay@col.org
India VIEGAS Farita St. Aloysius Institute of Education Principal vfarita@gmail.com
Uganda KIZZA Vincent Gayaza High School ICT Teacher vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk
Greece KUORAKOS Nikolaos Aduls Education Centre Educator snadek@yahoo.com signed
India DR. RAMAKRISHNAN Srinivasan Director Centre for SRD director_csrd@yahoo.com signed
Bangladesh Khalid A.K.M. Iftekhar Assistant Director (Training) Bangladesh Open University khalidfac@yahoo.com signed
Zambia Engaenga Champo Customer Service Associate POST.NET reginac82@gmail.com signed
Australia Kaye Geoff Compu.Ed Customer Officer wadca.naidoo@gmail.com
USA MARLOWE Doug teachITnow Owner dougmarlowe@teachitnow.com
USA SQUIRES Robert University of Montana Instructor robertisquires@yahoo.co.uk
Sudan FAWZI Hala University of Sciences and Technology Lecturer haloolahakema@yahoo.com
PNG OTSIE Morgan FODE Curriculum Officer otsie_morgan@educationpng.gov.pg
USA HATZIS Katherine UMASS Boston Instructor hatzisk@comcast.net
New Zealand GREEN David School of Art, Otago Polytechnic Lecturer bdgr@paradise.net.nz
Solomon Islands Nully Juliet PFnet ICT Assistance Officer nully_j@yahoo.com signed
Solomon Islands Brian JONES Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Technical Advisor bjones45@bigpond.net.au
Turkey YILMAZ Beyza Bahcesehir University English Preparatory Program Instructor beyzaylmaz@yahoo.com
Canada GALOFRE Christina Concordia University Graduate Student cristina.galofre@education.concordia.ca signed
USA FIGALLO Cliff Presilience President figwell.com
India RATNAKAR Pramesh University of Delhi Reader prameshratnkar@gmail.com
Uganda KASOMA Stephen Straight Talk Foundation, Uganda Assistant IT Officer skasoma@straighttalkuganda.org
Uganda OMAWANGAGYE Priscilla Faculty of Medicine (Infectious Disease), Institute of Makerere (Uganda) University Curriculum Development Officer prispam21@yahoo.co.uk
Argentina CANELO Susana Escuela de Educacion Media Nº 3 Teacher susana_canelo@yahoo.com.ar
Solomon Islands JAMES Porakari Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Head of Science Department porakari@yahoo.com signed
Canada GORRILL Verna Lynn William Derby School Teacher vera@sasktel.net
South Africa TRUSLER Anne Limitless Opportunities Africa (Pty) Limited Director atrus@telkomsa.net
Canada BONZO Justin University of British Columbia Assessment Manager jbonzo@interchange.ubc.ca
Trinidad and Tobago MANGROO Sharon Director Curiculum Development mangroo@gmail.com
Mauritius ROOPUN Vishal Constance Academy Trainer vroopun@gmail.com signed
Mauritius GUNNESS Sandhya Univeristy of Mauritius Lecturer Open and Online Learning nowbuths@uom.ac.mu signed
Mauritius RAMPERSAD Rubina Univeristy of Mauritius Instructional Designer rdghumun@uom.ac.mu
Mauritius GEERJANAN Prashant Shiv Nath Univeristy of Mauritius R.A geerprash@gmail.com signed
Eqypt AWDALLA Markos Staff Trainer and Education Specialist Markos.awdalla@gmail.com
Canada MARSH Alexandra UBC Student alexandra0marsh@gmail.com
Mauritius BULLEE Anoop London College Education Officer anoopbullee@gmail.com signed
Canada MASSUE Mirelle Corporate Educator mireille@rogers.com
Solomon Islands DAEFA Starling School of Marine & Fisheries Studies, SICHE Head of School smfs@sche.edu.sb
Australia McCloy Minh VoRTCS Learning Development Officer (Volunteer) mizminh@gmail.com
Mauritius SEETAL Isma Northfields International High School Education Officer isma_seetal@yahoo.com signed
Turkey SILVA Paul Fatih University, English Prep. Programme pasilva@fatih.edu.tr
Mauritius CODABACCUS Reshad Bon Accueil Government School Teacher eschool@intnet.mu signed
Mauritius CAULACHAND Shailendra shailen3000@yahoo.com signed
Mauritius SHABAJEE Ravi Course Coordinator - Industrial and Vocational Training Board SITEC - Automation Training Unit rshabajee@yahoo.co.uk signed
Mauritius JAHAJEEAH Aveenashi VCILT, University of Mauritius jvarshaa@hotmail.com signed
Mauritius REECHAYE Archana Education Officer Private Secondary School arch3006@hotmail.com signed
Mauritius OODUN R. Vioushi Dav College c/o rshabajee@yahoo.co.uk signed