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Contact-new.svg CHRIS UIA
Occupation:Computer Trainer
Other roles:Computer Tech
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands
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Personal Information

My name is Chris Uia, and am working for the Rural Development Volunteers Association (RDVA) Project called; Youth First Computer Center. Other sister projects are People First Network, Distance Learning Center Project, funded by EU for Educational purposes. I work as computer Trainer and Computer Technical Assistant for this project. I did my education from primary to Tertiary level, that is Information system at USP center, Honiara, Solomon Islands and also Solomon Island College of Higher Education, Diploma in Youth Development Studies.

My Place

[Fanalei Map]

I came from Malaita Province southern part on an Island called Fanalei, this island is quite well-known for dolphin hunting,Kirio Fanalei in Solomon Islands. Malaita Province is one the main islands which populate about half of Solomon Islands population. Our people are originated from the northern part of Malaita and was migrated to the Southern part of Malaita in the search for dolphine. Am the fourth in the family of seven still young and have more energy for next generations, my ages is 28. My email address is:

My Interests

  • Technology
  • Music
  • Playing Soccer
  • Hunting for dolphin
  • Creating Art design
  • Sign Writing

Importance of ICT

I have been attending number of ICT workshops held in Honiara, after a pause from my courses at USP Honiara due to work committements, being involve in ICT for nearly six years now I found it that ICT is vitally important now adays in every works of life. IT makes impossiblities becomes possiblities now, it brings the world closer to the tip of your fingers,what I mean is that this technology is enabling people to have access to the global community which is a good development for our country as awhole. Really it is a must for Solomon Islands to adopt this system like wikieducator, as for as I could see the geographical location of Solomon Islands it is a need for the wiki system to involved. Today I could see the initiative by the Ministry of Education and Pfnet have began it for us, should we thank EU for providing or assist the project(DLCP). The other relate type was the one laptop per child, I think Solomon Islands is the first to have the kind of this compare to countries in the region.

Why Am here

I think wiki is vital programm for country like Solomon Islands or Pacific Island countries, this will help link all these islands together in their learning weather formal or informal education. I hope by 2015 Solomon Islands will have no problem with wiki program.

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