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Contact-new.svg Varshaa JAHAJEEAH
Employer:Mahatma Gandhi Institute
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I am Varshaa, from Mauritius, a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean. I am currently working at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute as education officer in the field of Information Technology.

Presently, i am following the MSc Educational Technologies at the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT), a branch of the University of Mauritius. I got registered to the Wikieducator through the module Social Networking.

Working as an education officer, gives me the opportunity to expose myself to new experiences. I have acted as facilitator once for the CATs convention and twice already for the Innoved project. Both of them are joint Ministry of Education and the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council, NPCC projects. I was among one of the fortunate teachers who were selected to follow a program organised by the NPCC for the effectiveness and efficiency of the Innoved project. The objective of the program was to promote innovative student education. It was a three-day course delivered by Karen Brannen and Honora Kenny from the Connecticut Invention Convention, CIC. I had a wonderful time working collaboratively these three days with other educators and the instructors.

Another project in which I am involved is the Internet and Computing Core Certification, commonly known as the IC3, supported by the National Computer Board, NCB. Since 2006, I have been a trainer to prepare individuals on the computing fundamentals, key applications like word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program, and living online, which is about the internet and its related fields for the competitive global workforce.

I would finally like to share what I learnt from the instructors of the CIC through the InnovEd – INNOVATION FOR THE EDUCATION SECTOR publication.