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Contact-new.svg Carla Arena
Occupation:EFL educator
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Carla's profile

I'm Carla Arena, a curious Brazilian EFL educator currently living in Key West. I'm interested in web application in the classroom and how my students can really benefit from the use of online social tools in their learning process.

My project idea for WikiEducator is to collaborate on resources for professional development of educators who want to start using web tools in the classroom, but are clueless on what to begin. I'm very interested in blogging and wikis as powerful tools to enhance teaching practice reflections and changes.

My interests

Learning Connected to the World

I'm interested in:

  • English as a Foreign Language and as a Second Language
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources
  • Web 2.0 for teaching and learning
  • Professional Development in a Networked world
  • Collaboration
  • Open Educational resources
  • Learning

My Online Open Spaces

On the Waters of Key West‎

I am an English Teacher at a Binational Center in Brasilia currently living in Key West and teaching online for Casa Thomas Jefferson

I blog at Explorations on Learning and Teaching

More about me at BrazilBridges

My Connections to Learning

Coming soon!

My sandbox

Where mistakes are learning.