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Warm greetings from Brazil, which is also a page on WikiEducator I am slowly adding content to and another one on ELT Resources I hope you can also contribute as well.


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Contact-new.svg Barbara Dieu
a.k.a. Bee or Bee Kerouac
Employer:Lycee Pasteur, Casa Santos Dumont
Nationality:Brazilian, Belgian
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Professional information

I've worked for more than 30 years as an EFL teacher in São Paulo, Brazil and find the possibility of learning, networking and collaborating on the Web as fascinating and exciting as I did in 1997, when I first connected my secondary classes to others abroad. Since then I have been actively involved in various national and international communities of practice like

I have publishedon the use of new technologies in teaching and learning, given a number of workshops and presentationson social tools both f2f and online, and collaborated on, an open webpublishing project for ELT.

Languages Spoken

  1. Portuguese (speak, understand, read and write)
  2. English (speak, understand, read and write)
  3. French (speak, understand, read and write)
  4. Polish (speak, understand,read)
  5. Spanish (understand, read, speak a little)
  6. Italian (understand and can read a little)
  7. Czech (understand and can read a little)

Professional Interests

My main areas of interest are planning and organizing projects and the uses of ICT (social media) in the areas of professional development, interaction and information transfer so as to promote and improve openness, interaction, knowledge acquisition, critical literacy, global understanding, communication and creativity.

Personal Interests

I am a self-taught and passionate photographer and cook. I love learning and traveling.

My Content


A unit on how to describe visual documents, the rationale behind it, the lexical and syntactic tools needed and how this can evolve onto visual/media and critical literacy. It will be based on Bloom's taxonomy and critical literacy methods and approach. I hope other ELT educators will join me either to collaborate on the same material or add their own.

My Sandbox

I have opened a discussion area for ELT Resources for other people who would be interested in contributing with their own resources or adding to mine but will keep my own scribbling here before putting it up on the ELT Resource page - at least for the time being...