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Contact-new.svg Sandhya Gunness
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Sandhya Gunness started as an instructional designer for online courses at the University of Mauritius. She now Lectures at the Virtual Centre for Innovative learning technologies on Instructional Design, ICt integration in Science and Technology education, Principles of learning design and Open educational Resources, of course! Her first involvement with wikieducator was though the VUSSC project- where she participated as coordinator of the host university for the first "bootcamp". She is very enthusiastic about the Open Educational Resources movement and is currently working on creating a series of workshops to encourage University Faculty to contribute and utilise OERs in their teaching and learning. You can read some of her reflections on a first eXe workshop

Some ideas on a logo for VUSSC

Brief description of the Logo.. Text based.. with the letters of VUSSC and somewhat the meaning of VUSSC to transpire : VU with the V and dot representing people the U with an electronic mouse feature (for clicks) and the Two S (horizontally for the Sea and maybe mountains to represent the Small states) Also as had been mentioned by Alex (Grto represent the flowing of information and openess of the oceans for access and connectivity The biggest feature being the inverted C for the copyleft notations which surround the whole VUSSC open content. Your comments much appreciated Sandhya

VUSSC logo.jpg

My Research

Link to OLnet questionnaire

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