Hair and Beauty Introduction/Hair Avant Garde/Avant Garde 1st Look

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Avant Garde styles are different to Classic and Contemporary. The hair is more out-there and strange, same with the make-up. It has a wow factor.

Bronte Kent Demonstrates the Avant Garde Hair Weave

Bronte Kent Demonstrates an Avant Garde Hair Weave
Step 1 Section the front of the hair into a half semi-circle.

Step 2 Divide the hair into individual 5 mm vertical sections, apply a mousse or gel to your sections to keep them separated.

Step 3 Begin weaving hair, starting on the right hand side, begin with the first section and weave back to the left.

Step 4 Repeat about step until all the hair has been woven and has formed a hat like shape. Secure hair with slides and spray with fine finishing mist.

(Optional) To make the hair hat curl up to the side apply a hot roller and pin the side up while finishing the style.

Step 5 Back comb at the crown and sides of the hair, giving volume and height, then pin the hair securing the top of the style.

Step 6 Using hot curlers or tongs curl the remainder of the hair at the base and leave down.