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The purpose of this page is to list the countries where WikiEducator is active. Countries organise themselves into one or more national WikiEducator Teams so that visitors to the site may see what's happening in a given country.
  • Guidelines for national teams - join or start your own national WikiEducator team today
  • Country pages list contact information of local WikiEducators and WikiAmbassadors;
  • Country pages provide up to date information on activities projects and initiatives.

Oceania and the Pacific

Wikipacifica.png Wiki Pasifika - Community Node for the Pacific region

Africa and Indian Ocean






North America

Central America

South America

Tools (Wikipedia):

Contact us (by country)

  • We invite you to visit our various venues for discussion to ask for more information, or raise any thoughts or ideas you have about WikiEducator.
  • If you wish to contact a WikiAmbassador - for one of the above-listed countries - then...
    • Click on the appropriate country name.
    • You will be linked to the Country's Home Page in WikiEducator (with a list of the country's WikiAmbassadors).
    • Please click on that person's name: a User Page will pop up.
    • Scroll down to their contact info, and 'contact' them accordingly.

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